House training your puppy

Crate training is probably the most efficient method of housebreaking. When puppies are not playing, eating, or eliminating, they should be in their crates, and be given more freedom only after four to five months of this lifestyle.

Owner must put their puppies on a reasonable schedule and have a place where the dog can eliminate to prevent the puppy from developing a crate soiling habit. The puppy should be taken to an appropriate place before and after play sessions and 20 minutes after meals, and at least once every four hours.

For those owners with a scheduling problem-follow this rule of thumb. A puppy can retain urine or feces for the number of hours equal to its age in months plus two. For example, a two-month-old puppy should eliminate every four hours. Adults may retain feces and urine as adult humans do. So use common sense with your adult pet.

If you are unable to attend to a puppy at least once every four hours, crate training should be abandoned in favor of paper training. In such cases, the puppy should be kept in a larger area then a crate-i.e. an exercise pen or bathroom.

The puppy should be placed on a hard surface with a blanket or bed for sleeping, have free access to water and toys. Cover the entire surfaces with newspaper and place a piece of newspaper already soiled by the puppy either urine or feces at the greatest distance possible from the resting spot. If the puppy eliminates only in a given space, the newspaper can be gradually moved out of the rest area.

As you start to take your puppy outside, take it to the same place and even place some of the soiled paper in the area to stimulate it to eliminate in that particular area. Patience is important. Try to keep play walks distinct from bathroom walks so that the dog knows why it is going outside.

It is also important to practice regular meal feeding verses free ad lib feeding. Feeding stimulates urination and deification. When walking your pet keeps it on a lead and rewards your pet with a treat as soon as it eliminates.

Expect to spend about two to four months house breaking your pet.

DO NOT PUNISH YOUR PET IF IT MAKES A MISTAKE, as a pet does not connect the act of elimination with punishment that occurs more than a few seconds after it eliminates.


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