Veterinary care for disabled pets

Getting the proper care for your disabled pet is extremely important. Finding the right veterinarian involved knowing what questions to ask. Below are some general questions you may want to consider asking your vet.

  1. How much experience does the veterinarian have in treating your pet’s condition?
    The actual experience the veterinarian has is not as important as how comfortable you feel with the situation. If you prefer having a veterinarian with more experience, consider asking for a referral.
  2. What is their process in case of an emergency?
    Make sure your veterinarian has an emergency phone number or staff that can help you during off hours. If there is a special number to call, make sure you get that number before you leave the office. If there is a special clinic that can help them during nights or weekends, make sure you get this information as well.
  3. How can you monitor your pet’s condition at home?
    Ask your veterinarian if there are special measures you can take to help care for your pet. Consider how your veterinarian explains instructions. Often times, if you are not comfortable with your veterinarian’s style or tone, this may cause some friction.
  4. Get an estimate of cost.
    Find out about immediate and long term costs to care for your pet’s condition. Consider your options, including medical pet insurance and how often you should bring in your pet for routine visits.

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