Parasites in meats and worms

Parasites in Meat/Worms
By Susan Rimkus and Pat McKay (as posted to the Wellpet list)

Hi all – just figured out that one of my dogs has worms.
Two questions:
1 – natural dewormers? pretty sure it’s tapeworm.
2 – can anyone provide me with an argument against the “worms come from raw meat” line?

Susan Rimkus

Hi All,
With regard to parasites, worms in particular, I talked extensively with Arthur Endo, DVM, the Head of the Department of Meat and Poultry Inspection of the State of California back in 1993. According to Dr Endo, Federal and State inspectors examine farm animals for parasites and bacteria. The animals are observed while being processed at meat plants and wholesale companies.
In looking for parasites, sometimes the actual worm is seen and sometimes the inspectors can tell by the damage done to the tissue, especially to the liver, kidneys and heart. If diseases or damage to the tissue is observed, further inspection is conducted and that animal may be pulled from the food-fit-for-human-consumption area and sold to commercial pet food companies.
Dr Endo also stated that parasites are host specific, so ones that may be of concern to cattle, sheep or poultry would not necessarily be harmful to cats and dogs. Tapeworms and roundworms are common to farm animals and our companion animals and can be of concern if dogs and cats are malnourished or if their immune systems are low. Dogs and cats will rid themselves of worms, just as their immune systems repel disease.
End of Dr Endo’s statement.
As far as worms coming from raw meat: Worms can come from many sources. If you could microscopically see your food before you eat it, you wouldn’t eat anything at all. However, if you have a working immune system, that takes care of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites including worms. Most of us, our animals included, have worms at all times either coming or going. So keep up good health and keep a strong vital force or Life Force within your system and your animals’ with good food and supplements.
To assist the animal in initially getting rid of worms, I have had the best results with a combination of Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove Extract that is available in most health food stores. Daily Dosage (for most brands): 2-10 lbs., 5 drops; an additional 5 drops per 10 lbs. of body weight up to 30 drops daily for dogs 80 lbs. and over.

Pat McKay

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