Holistic pet food

Holism is a popular method of health care in today’s society, and holistic pet food has become a way that dog and cat owners can become proactive in their pet’s health. The concept behind holistic diets for pets is the same as that behind the holistic people’s diet; to treat the pet’s body as a whole rather than as a sum of its parts. Furthermore, the physical and mental health of the being in question (whether human, pet or wild animal) are intrinsically linked; therefore, the healthier the body, the more sound the mind. The pet diet feeds the dog or cat the same nutrients as they would presumably eat in the wild, had the animal and its ancestors never been domesticated.

Pet owners who subscribe to a holistic diet feed Rover or Fluffy foods that have been approved for human consumption. This can include chicken and fish, although vegetarian holistic disciples may wish to avoid this part of the diet. Holistic pet food is heavy on vegetables and whole grains, so it is possible, if desired, to avoid feeding your dog animal flesh, although it will be far more difficult to provide a meat-free diet for cats. If you do opt to feed a vegetarian/vegan diet, it will be necessary to provide your dog or cat with extra protein. Foods usually incorporated into a holistic pet diet include:

• Brown rice or other grains
• Cauliflower, broccoli and other organically grown vegetables
• Meats such as chicken, lamb or rabbit

Followers of holism swear by this method to successfully treat pets for ailments such as allergies, arthritis, obesity and even behavioral issues. For further information, consult your veterinarian. S/he should have some knowledge of holistic pet food and diets, and can tell you how this lifestyle will be beneficial for your furry friend.

Please check with a vet, preferably a holistic vet, before you begin using holistic health care products such as homeopathic remedies on your pet.

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