Dog who walks on wrists saved from euthanasia



Sheba is proof that there is no physical disability that can stop her from being happy.  Although her front legs don’t quite function as they should, this one year old pit happily walks and wags in the grass.  And, it’s likely her spirit that caught the eye of Stacey Silverstein and Jackie O’Sullivan from NYC, who eventually saved her life from a high-kill shelter.

“Our passion and mission is to focus on cruelty, neglect and abuse cases,” says Silverstein, who with O’Sullivan founded a group called Rescue Dogs Rock. “We are focused on taking the dogs with severe medical issues as well who would be euthanized instantly because they are sick.”


“The minute we saw the video of Sheba from the shelter, we knew we had to help her,” says O’Sullivan.

At first, volunteers could not determine if her front legs were bent due to abuse or from some other problem. Vets determined that her condition was congenital and would need special-made splints.


Once she gets her splints, she’ll move from the vet’s office into a foster home while she learns how to walk on her paws.





“All you have to give them is just a chance,” says Silverstein. “They really flourish.”

“We are thrilled she wasn’t abused, but still heartbroken for her,” says O’Sullivan. “Lucky for Sheba, she has no idea anything is wrong with her.”



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