Preparing a home for your rabbit

Okay, so you’ve read the House Rabbit Handbook by Marinell Harriman (available from the HRS website). You’ve talked to your local House Rabbit Society educator and done all your homework to decide if a rabbit is the right pet for your family. And, happily, the answer is Yes! What’s the […]

A rabbit’s diet

What to feed your rabbit? Let’s start with the healthy bunny’s grocery list. More diet information follows the grocery list. The Healthy Rabbit’s Grocery List No pesticides, please! Vegetables and Herbs Sprouts: alfalfa, radish, clover Lettuces: romaine, green leaf, red leaf (no iceberg)* Basil Beet greens* Bok choy Broccoli* (all […]

Checking your rabbit’s health

Rabbits are often thought of as low-maintenance pets, but in reality they require as much attention as a dog or cat, or any other household companion. Rabbit illnesses often come on suddenly, or seemingly so, since they are so good at hiding their weaknesses. Rabbits are prey animals, which means […]

How many rabbits should you get?

Those of us who share space with bonded rabbits, or rabbits who have become close friends, know the joy of watching these wonderful buddies groom and play with each other. Just as humans look for love and companionship in their lives, so do rabbits. They are socially active and enjoy […]

Chicken wings for your dog

Should you feed chicken wings to your pet? The idea for chicken wings comes from a diet explained in the book “Give Your Dog a Bone” by Australian vet Ian Billinghurst. He advocates feeding dogs a diet based around raw meaty bones (50-60%), together with smaller quantities of vegetables (completely […]